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Alright ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 FIFA world cup is upon us! I for one am very excited. I actually watch the premier league religiously during the season (go MAN UTD), sometimes getting up at 5am on the weekends to watch the games. Soccer (football to the rest of the world) is my favorite sport so when the world cup rolls around it’s a happy month for me.

I do want to point out, that over the years Jane’s developed a love for the game as well, and can more or less name every player on MAN UTD. She watches a fair amount of games with me. When we lived in England during graduate school, she cheered on right alongside me in the local pub each weekend. Good times.

However, this post will not be about MAN UTD or England, but Greece. Yes, Greece is in the world cup this year, and I thought doing a post about the team which plays for the country in which this blog is dedicated to (cuisine wise) would be a fun one to write.

And Greece isn’t a team to completely write off, they have arguably one of the best defenses in the game and are ranked 12th out of 208 teams by FIFA (as of June 5th 2014).

Greece has always been a contender on the national stage. They made it to the quarter finals of UEFA Euro 2012 (a tournament they won in 2004 beating Portugal)

*For those of you that are not familiar with the UEFA Euro Cup, think of it like the world cup but with just teams from Europe. Thus, to win this tournament means you’re the best team in all of Europe.*

There is just too much that can be written about this team. Below I’ve highlighted the main aspects of the club. If you’d like to learn more, check out the links t the bottom of this post.

The Manager

The manager (coach) of Greece’s national team is Fernando Santos, born in Lisbon, and has been the manager since his appointment in July of 2010. Prior to that, he was managing teams in Greece. In February of the year he became Greece’s manager, he was named by the Greek Football League as the best coach of the decade.


For the 2014 World Cup, Greece’s jerseys will be these below. White for home, blue for away.

Greece 2014 home jersey Greece 2014 away jersey

* If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can visit the Official FIFA Online Store.

The Team

Here is the team that manager Santos has assembled to play in the 2014 FIFA world cup.

1GKOrestis Karnezis11 July 1985 (aged 28)19Spain Granada
2MFGiannis Maniatis12 October 1986 (aged 27)30Greece Olympiacos
3DFGiorgos Tzavellas26 November 1987 (aged 26)13Greece PAOK
4DFKostas Manolas14 June 1991 (aged 22)9Greece Olympiacos
5DFVangelis Moras26 August 1981 (aged 32)19Italy Verona
6MFAlexandros Tziolis13 February 1985 (aged 29)49Turkey Kayserispor
7FWGiorgos Samaras21 February 1985 (aged 29)74Scotland Celtic
8MFPanagiotis Kone26 July 1987 (aged 26)16Italy Bologna
9FWKostas Mitroglou12 March 1988 (aged 26)32England Fulham
10MFGiorgos Karagounis (c)6 March 1977 (aged 37)135England Fulham
11DFLoukas Vyntra5 February 1981 (aged 33)50Spain Levante
12GKPanagiotis Glykos3 June 1986 (aged 28)2Greece PAOK
13GKStefanos Kapino18 March 1994 (aged 20)2Greece Panathinaikos
14FWDimitris Salpingidis18 August 1981 (aged 32)76Greece PAOK
15DFVasilis Torosidis10 June 1985 (aged 29)66Italy Roma
16MFLazaros Christodoulopoulos19 December 1986 (aged 27)19Italy Bologna
17FWTheofanis Gekas23 May 1980 (aged 34)72Turkey Konyaspor
18MFGiannis Fetfatzidis21 December 1990 (aged 23)19Italy Genoa
19DFSokratis Papastathopoulos9 June 1988 (aged 26)47Germany Borussia Dortmund
20DFJosé Holebas27 June 1984 (aged 29)22Greece Olympiacos
21MFKostas Katsouranis21 June 1979 (aged 34)111Greece PAOK
22MFAndreas Samaris13 June 1989 (aged 24)4Greece Olympiacos
23MFPanagiotis Tachtsidis15 February 1991 (aged 23)6Italy Torino


  • Ethniki (National) – since they are Greece’s national team. (Εθνική ΕλλάδοςEthniki Ellados)
  • Piratiko (The Pirate Ship) – During the opening ceremony in the UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal, the host country, had a replica of a 16th century ship, referring to the Portuguese expeditions of that time. Georgios Helakis, a Greek radio sports journalist, commented that “since the Portuguese team appear in such a ship, it’s time for us to become pirates and steal the victory.” Greece ended up beating Portugal and Piratiko (The Pirate Ship) emerged as the new nickname of the team.
  • Galanolefki (Sky blue-white) – The colors, which are always white and blue.

2014 World Cup Schedule For Greece

Greece is in group C of the world cup. This includes: COLOMBIA, CÔTE D’IVOIRE, and JAPAN.

They set games they have are listed below. Greece will play more should they win and advance.

All times are Pacific Standard Time*

  • June 14th, 9:00 AM – VS. Colombia
  • June 19th, 3:00 PM – VS Japan
  • June 24th, 1:00 PM – VS Côte d’Ivoire

Useful Links For Greece’s National Team

Notes- All the links listed above were instrumental in writing this post, especially good old Wikipedia. The images for the jerseys were taken from the FIFA link which is listed under the images.

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